**** Please note that we currently have a very large number of custom orders that we are working on. In all fairness to you we cannot at this time accept anymore custom orders until the whip maker has caught up.  We apologize for any inconvenience - quality work takes time and we take pride in our products.

Our bullwhips are made with a stainless steel handle and tapered shot bag in the core. There are 3 braided bellies that go over this before the final overlay. You can choose from several lengths and options. We use only whip grade kangaroo in building our quality bullwhips.

Primary Color Choices:

These colors are all photographed with Natural Kangaroo hide for comparison. They are to give you an idea of the color ranges. We have also added a few of the accent colors as a main color choice to give you more available combinations. Colors will differ slightly from dye lot to dye lot. There may also be distortion of color on your own screens. These are meant as a guide only.

Kangaroo Leather, Whiskey, Natural, okwhip.com
Whiskey and Natural
Kangaroo Leather, Saddletan, Natural, okwhip.com
Saddletan and Natural
Kangaroo Leather, Red, Natural, okwhip.com
Red and Natural
Kangaroo Leather, Brandy, Natural, okwhip.com
Brandy and Natural
Kangaroo Leather, Black, Natural, okwhip.com
Black and Natural
Brandy Whisky Saddletan
Brandy Whisky Saddletan

Secondary Color Option:

Introducing a second color into a single tail whip is fairly easy. I have several unusual factory dyed hide colors available. I also have a fair stock of natural hides which are perfect for dyeing. You do not have to choose a second color - you can select "No Color" for the second choice to leave your whip a solid color.

I will upload more photos of the color options when I have photographed them. The second color option is included in the price of your bullwhip.

Kangaroo Leather, Roan, White
Roan and White Kangaroo Leather
Kangaroo Leather, Pink, White
Pink and White Kangaroo Leather
Kangaroo Leather, Green, Blue
Dark Navy Blue and Dark Forest Green Kangaroo Leather
Dyed Oxblood
Dyed Oxblood
Dyed Dark Red
Dyed Dark Red
Dyed Purple and Dyed Green
Dyed Purple and Dyed Green

Braid and Plait Count Options:

The bullwhips are available in several braid options. In general the thong will be braided in the whipmakers plait with the pattern dependent on the order of the lace for the handle pattern. In the handle we offer the options of Western Diamond Back, Fancy Pattern Plaiting, Vertical Stripes, and Herringbone and Double Herringbone Patterns. Your is available in 16, 20 and 24 plait counts. It you want a higher plait count contact the Whip Maker for a quote.

Strap Options:

Here we have pictures of the Full 5 strand Wrist Strap, and the Utility Strap. A photograph of the heel knot without a strap will be posted when I have one. There is no extra cost for the Utility Strap. It is an extra $10.00 per whip for the full five strand wrist strap. For bullwhips we also offer a no strap option.

5 Strand Full Wrist Strap
5 Strand Full Wrist Strap
Utility Strap
Utility Strap

Whip Length:

This final choice gives you the option of your personal choice of length. When I measure a bullwhips length I start at the top of the button and go to the end of the thong. Straps, falls and crackers are not included in the measurements. Longer bullwhips require more space to throw. Standard length is 6 feet. Add $50 dollars per whip for each 12 inches of whip length. 

Whip End:

All of our bullwhips come with a 30 inch or longer fall. Each whip is shipped with a few extra crackers and a spare fall. 


We are currently taking 8 to 10 weeks to create custom bullwhip orders. During this time the Whipmaker will stay in touch with you and keep you informed as to the progress of your whip. You will be notified as soon as the order is ready, sent photographs of your order for your approval before it is shipped. All orders are shipped Canada Parcel post with a tracking number and insurance. We have a flat rate shipping fee to Canada and the US of 17.50. Other countries please contact the whipmaker.

The prices quoted on this website are in Canadian Dollars. You can also use the toggle in the right sidebar to purchase your whip in US or Euro dollars and British Pounds.

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